Many critical phases exist during recovery and each requires considerable planning and integration with Federal and Provincial programs. It is vital to establish a recovery framework to direct and guide the entire program.

This detailed plan will establish and identify a process to transition from the Emergency Operating Centre [EOC] to a longer term Recovery Operating Centre [ROC], it will begin to identify what the Recovery Management Team [RMT] structure along with key roles and responsibilities, identify areas where additional staff might be required to effectively handle increased work load, and establish high level recovery timelines and milestones.

NOR-EX Engineering will help to ensure key municipal goals and objectives are maintained while aligning with the recovery parameters established by government agencies and NGO’s to map the way for a successful recovery program.

Communication is fundamental to the success of all recovery activities. NOR-EX Engineering will employ proven strategies to identify and create linkages between key individuals and create communication mechanisms to successfully implement and monitor the progress of the recovery plan and the actions required within.

  • Pre-Event Planning
  • Recovery Framework Development
  • Recovery Plan Development & Implementation
  • ROC Design & Structure
  • Transition Planning EOC to ROC
  • Staff Augmentation Plans
  • Communications