• Our Mission

    NOR-EX Engineering successfully delivers on complex projects that span ice engineering, northern construction, environmental management, as well as disaster recovery planning and execution. We help our clients effectively solve their toughest problems.
  • Value

    NOR-EX Engineering strives to be more than strictly a provider of industry leading engineering and project management services. Our philosophy is to leverage our experience as a partner in project success, adding operational and economic value to client projects. We invest in understanding client operations and often are able to contribute to improvements beyond the immediate scope of the engineering work assigned.
  • Safety

    Safety is a Core Value within NOR-EX Engineering and our company is committed to maintaining high standards of safety in developing our designs and related control measures.
  • Diligence

    NOR-EX Engineering guides clients in conducting due diligence that delivers peace of mind and leading industry practices for improving safety and optimizing operations.