President, CEO

``NOR-EX was founded with a vision to enhance operations on ice by delivering a comprehensive risk management framework based on engineering principles and operational design to effectively improve safety and manage operational risk for clients. We are excited to build on our success by expanding this approach to Environmental Management, and Program/Project Management for Northern Construction and Logistics Operations.``

Dana Woodworth, MSC, MBA

Vice President

“NOR-EX is a company with a great diversity of experience capable of bringing multiple viewpoints to bear on the challenges of the modern business environment. Fundamentally this allows our clients to benefit from an integrated company that capably spans a wide breadth of topics – from ice engineering to disaster recovery planning to business optimization. Simply put we are client-focused critical thinkers.

I recognize the value of multiple perspectives and the need for divergence of thinking at the outset of tackling true complexity. Having led numerous teams for over thirty years - spanning high-risk interagency operations in Kandahar, Afghanistan to large government Departments dealing with critical policy matters - I bring a desire and an ability to work on today’s toughest problems in a collaborative manner. NOR-EX shares that perspective.”

Mike Gilmore, MBA, MSc, P.Eng, PMP

Operations Manager

“NOR-EX has built a solid reputation for reliable delivery of results and client satisfaction. The strength of NOR-EX is the depth and breadth of experience of our team and our ability to tackle complex, challenging issues in any environment. We continually demonstrate an outstanding ability to collaborate with our clients and stakeholders to effectively solve their toughest problems.
With my extensive experience in operations leadership, strategic planning, and project management, I am pleased to have joined a team that understands client needs and constantly strives to meet those needs, with tangible results.”


Project Director

``My 25 years in project leadership roles, overseeing engineering, construction management and infrastructure support services in Canada and abroad have provided me with great experience and satisfaction.

Failing to plan is planning to fail and our critical thinking skills at NOR-EX will improve project success and also assist in the establishment of high performance project teams.``

Tim Tattrie, PTech

Project Director

``Having recently joined the NOR-EX team, my immediate impression was that of a company centered on providing innovative solutions to complex customer problems. NOR-EX clearly possesses a business culture that is both refined and mature for winter operations. Not only does the NOR-EX core leadership encourage employees to be forward-thinking and innovative. The NOR-EX team is a very diverse group of professionals with a broad range of skills and knowledge. Their collaborative approach to both project and program management ensures detailed analysis of any potential issue. NOR-EX employees are openly encouraged to seek creative and innovative solutions in defining program strategies. This process works very well within this tight knit organization.``


Project Coordinator

``With a degree in Communications and a background in high performance sport, working with NOR-EX has provided me the opportunity to leverage this experience in a team environment. Sound planning fundamentals and project controls are effectively applied to unique projects across our diverse business lines. We are always striving for new solutions and to better ourselves individually and as a team. Continuous improvement is a core value at NOR-EX to provide the absolute best for our clients on every project.``

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